The Sierra presents a rich mosaic of nature, the landscape ranging from dramatic, luminous semi- desert scarred by ravines and rocky crags to leafy mountain forests, rich in flora and fauna.

01 | Sierra Espuña Regional Park

Full of contrast, the different altitudes and associated climates of the sierra create a verdant island in a sea of semi-desert. The average altitude of the park is around 800m above sea level reaching 1583m at its summit.
Above 700m the forest is mostly Aleppo pines with Pinaster and Corsican pines on the higher slopes. Oaks and Maples are also found in some protected areas such as the Leyva valley and Rio Espuña.

Hospedería Bajo el Cejo. Barrancos de Gebas

02 | The Ravines of Gebas

Protected area. A “lunar landscape” of deep ravines, dry river beds and canyons, devoid of trees, here we observe the constant battle between vegetation and erosion. The continually shifting gypsum sands have prevented both agriculture and forestation, creating a wild dramatic landscape and uniquely varied flora.

Hospedería Bajo el Cejo. Alhama

03 | Towns and Villages

Nestling in the sierra are the towns of Aledo, Alhama de Murcia, Pliego and Totana and villages such as Santa Leocadia, El Purgatorio, El Berro, Gebas and Casas Nuevas, all nearby and well worth a visit.

Hospedería Bajo el Cejo. El Berro

04 | El Berro

The hotel is in El Berro, a small mountain village of little more than 100 inhabitants at an altitude of 650m. The village has a variety of amenities and is an ideal base for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Hospedería Bajo el Cejo.
We are committed to the principles of eco-tourism and are members of the local forum for the promotion of sustainable tourism.
Working with other local businesses the hotel supports the discovery and enjoyment of nature by encouraging activities which contribute to the local economy without damaging the environment. We have been accredited by C.E.T.S. since 2012.
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