The sierra is the perfect place for a variety of outdoor activities. Walking, cycling, climbing, para- gliding, canoeing, pot-holing, bird watching, photography, orienteering or just relaxing with a cold drink, here you will find something for everybody.
Hospedería Bajoelcejo. Fotografía de águila
Hospedería Bajo el Cejo.
Hospedería Bajo el Cejo.
Hospedería Bajoelcejo. Fotografía de petirrojo


The Sierra Espuña Regional Park is ideal for practicing sports activities (hiking, mountain biking or road climbing, etc.). Nature activities (bird watching, plants, etc.) or cultural activities (snow wells, music, historical heritage, etc.).

Its geographical location, in the center of the Region of Murcia, and the good weather with very pleasant temperatures and almost guaranteed the sun during much of the year.


Centuries of human activity, farming, herding, mining, the production of ice and the re-forestation program have created a vast network of trails and paths which can be explored without impact on the environment.

Some of these are well signposted (GR, PR, SL) and two, numbers 69 and 79, start and finish in El Berro.

Recommended routes


Hospedería Bajo el Cejo.
Hospedería Bajo el Cejo.

More than just a route. We recently set up Espubike, a “Grand Tour” for mountain bikers wishing to explore the Sierra Espuña. One hundred and sixty four kilometres long and climbing and falling some 4300m, it is enjoyable at all times of the year. The route takes in many of the cultural, historical and natural recourses of the Sierra passing through many of the main beauty spots and villages.
Espubike was designed by experts and we have sought to minimise the technically difficult stretches in order to cater for all levels of ability.

Bicycle routes

Bird watching

Golden Eagle hide in Murcia
The Golden Eagle is one of Europe’s most impressive raptors. Now Photo Logistics offers you a hide for taking photos of this bird among magnificent scenery: the Sierra Espuña Natural Park.

Rock Bunting Drinking Pond Hide
An amazing place to take lots of pictures of Mediterranean mountain birds visiting a drinking pond.


Escalada Sierra Espuna. Hospedería Bajo el cejo
Escalada Sierra Espuna. Hospedería Bajo el cejo
Escalada Sierra Espuna. Hospedería Bajo el cejo

Sierra Espuña has a wide range of possibilities for limestone rock climbing. The walls of Leiva with tracks of all levels and up to 200 meters of height difference. El Berro, with the walls of the Washer. Mula, Ferrari sector. Etc … In our accommodation we have all the necessary guides and we inform you of all the possibilities of the environment

Climbing guides in Sierra Espuña

Photographs: Roberto José Yelo Valero